20 Years Since the Great Hanshin Kobe earthquake

" AR with the earthquake Kobe" News Paper


The commemorating picture in the nostalgic place

With Yesterscape, you can record your special memory to the special place it happened.

Historical and Nostalgic pictures

We have been engaging trials in cooperation with local governments and newspaper companies to add meaningful archive photos to Yesterscape.


Since Yesterscape pictures are stored in the Cloud, they will never be lost when you change or lose your device. This app aims to service the future.

Message to your future

If you someday return to a Yesterscaped place, Yesterscape will send you a notification that “There is a picture around here taken by you (or your family or friend) ten years ago.”
You can also take pictures together with yourself from ten years ago.”


You can choose with whom to share your pictures. “Only you, your friends, or your family”

Browsing in time and space

Yesterscape also uses a newly invented interface to browse in four dimensional space.

How to use Yesterscape

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Add your photos via web

We added Archive of Great earthquake in Japan on 1995 with News Paper Company.
We are going to add other archives. Please contact us!